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Geraldine Thomas MScGeraldine is a Certified Filial Therapist and Instructor, a play therapist and registered BAPT supervisor. She undertook her BA degree at Vassar College and her MA degree at New York University, USA and after an earlier career in art history obtained an MSc in psychoanalytic developmental psychology at UCL, Anna Freud Centre, and followed this with training as a Play Therapist and Filial Therapist.

She has a specific interest and expertise in Attachment Theory, particularly as it is expressed in young children who have suffered neglect and abuse. Geraldine specialises in the use of play therapy, filial therapy, parent consultation and other interventions with children and families with a wide range of difficulties and a particular interest is facilitating attachment between adopted and foster children and their carers. She is one of the few certified Filial Therapy instructors in the UK and has presented widely at international conferences on attachment measures and representations of abuse and neglect. She has conducted intensive Filial Therapy training for the University of York and for adoption and foster care organisations in the UK.

Geraldine has a high commitment to the attachment needs of children, was involved in the development of the Attachment Style Interview as an assessment tool in the Adoption and Fostering field and has worked on a project with the Metropolitan Police developing evaluative interviews for children who have suffered abuse. She is currently a trainer for Lifespan Research Group, and Child and Family Training and a visiting lecturer at Roehampton University.


Contact Geraldine: gvdkthomas@gmail.com

"It is a happy talent
to know how to play"
R.W. Emerson

"It is in playing,
and perhaps only
in playing, that the child
- and the adult - is free to be creative"  D.W.Winnicot

"Play therapy is the only form of therapy that incorporates the core elements of regulation." Bruce D. Perry



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